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Anti-Trump logo

An artist, Mike Mitchell, has created a symbol of protest against U.S. President Donald Trump, that looks like a rotated to the side number 45, to resemble a swastika.

The story of plagiarism

The design was developed by Lippincott and Margulies. It cost between $ 750,000 and $ 1 million, a fortune for the 1970s.

How brands use color in their logos to hypnotize us

About 80% of all information that we receive from the logos, we absorb through the colors of the logo. It is known that different colors produce human emotions and feelings. How do well-known brands use it?

UX design terms

Every UX designer, even that, who is just starting his career, has to know these terms and keep them in mind.

The way of brainstorming for your team

"Remember the future" is a simple game that helps you to better understand what your customers see as a success, and to deepen your understanding concerning their goals.

Maya Stepien: Google illustrations

That’s really difficult nowadays to find a person, who has never heard of Google. Dutch artist, Maya Stepien, was even inspired by this corporation.

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