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How brands use color in their logos to hypnotize us

About 80% of all information that we receive from the logos, we absorb through the colors of the logo. It is known that different colors produce human emotions and feelings. How do well-known brands use it?


The brand uses the red color because it is perceived as energy and “moving”. But recent studies have shown that this color stimulates hunger. Red is also often used by brands as a signal of a sale, that's why many brands often combine it with others, more soft colors, for example, white and yellow.



Using green, which is a symbol of health, and also a persistent signal “ready meal”, Subway thus emphasizes the freshness and usefulness of its food.


Baskin Robbins

Blue and pink in their combination are often associated with sweet, and pink, by itself, symbolizes playfulness.


United Airlines

Blue is a signal of reliability, that's why it is so often used by various airlines. It also forces us to a mental analogy with reliability and loyalty.


British Airways

Blue with red elements, in this case, stimulates our thoughts to feel comfortable. By the way, blue, as it was described above, is a symbol of reliability.



Like many other airlines, Lufthansa uses blue color, but apart from it there still is yellow, that gives happiness and optimism. By the way, this identity for the brand was created by German graphic designer OTL Aicher and is one of the best rebrandings of the 20th century.



The blue color is often used by Telecom companies, and in this case, it inspires safety, purity, and transparency.



Qualcomm is the pioneer of most of the technologies that you use on your mobile phone today. Its tips are used by Apple, Samsung, LG and many others. The dark color in the logo symbolizes strength and security, that beautifully emphasize the benefits of Qualcomm.



Chanel is the pioneer of the “little black dress” style, so it is not surprising that the dark color is the main part of their brand identity. Overall, this color is very appreciated in the world of fashion and retail.



In this case, the use of black color is a signal of elegance and red is a signal of passion. This mix encourages people to do what they love.


It's not a surprise that the color is very important for logo design. Creators from all over the world know it and try to take into account, not depending on the company they work in. It has no matter if you are a freelancer, who entries the design contests or a professional in a design agency, remember that a right chosen color is a half of success.

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