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The way of brainstorming for your team

"Remember the future" is a simple game that helps you to better understand what your customers see as a success, and to deepen your understanding concerning their goals. It revolves around the question "What your product is supposed to provide?", which often get a stereotyped answer: "Our product must be the best". There is an unlimited number of possible and probable future scenarios. You are able to think about them and look for the answer together with your customers. Give each of your team a few paper cards and ask them to imagine that they continuously used their product to a certain date in the future. Ask them to write down possible things that your product can provide before that date, to satisfy their desire.

The results may differ dramatically depending on the wording of the question, so ask it carefully. Almost unbelievable to every client described the same imaginary scenario. The real magic of this game there is a discussion about how Your customers now perceive the future. Next step is to compare the existing product development with a perception of the future with a simultaneous search of areas of possible improvement. To obtain more detailed information, see "Remember the future. Understanding the definition of success of your clients” in the book of Luke Hohmann.

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