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as the central focus of our work...."

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Usability study

Usability Study at UsableDesign is part of the company’s commitment to quality in design and development, which places the user as the central focus of our work. We, at UsableDesign, ensure that usability study is not a luxury for successful web development. UsableDesign offer both integrated and standalone usability study services.

Which service is right for you?

:: Integrated

The integrated service is a standard feature of our FreshDesign, CorporateDesign, CatalogDesign and CustomDesign services, and will be implemented during the conceptualisation stage of the project.

:: Standalone

The standalone service on the other hand is designed as a separate cost option for websites that aren't built by us. We will provide a review, which will systematically examine all elements that are intended to foster interactivity and active user participation to identify key gaps, strengths and weaknesses in functionality and in interface design.

Three different types of Reports

  • Basic: A free appraisal of your website to inform you of its current position.

  • Plus: Same as Basic but including an expert appraisal of your sites design, a guide to technical flaws, usability, grammar & spelling check, navigational scheme, and broken links.

  • Premium: Same as Plus but including detailed search engine compatibility, content relevance, strengths & weaknesses in functionality and recommend suggestions to improve the overall website's user experience.

Standalone Costs

Usability Study costs for the Plus and Premium reports will be dependant upon the size of the site in question and its technical complexity. Which ever report type you choose, we will contact you before we begin.

Request a Report

To request a report please fill in the form below and click on the 'Submit Form' button.
Note: All items on the form marked with a * are compulsory.

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