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 What is Usability Testing?
 Know your users
 CSS - Your sense of style
 Audio on your website
 Professional websites
 Perfect color scheme
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What is Usability Testing?

The main benefit of usability testing is that it lets the designer understand how the user makes sense of the user interface within the user's context. This is part of the formative evaluation process and can inform design changes that make the interface more intuitive for the learner. The user's focus during an e-learning event should be on mastering the content, not on learning the e-learning software. more >>

Know your users

What you might think is usable design might be completely different to your target audience. You might have been using the web for years and know how to pick apart a URL and navigate through all kinds of weird interfaces but can your users? more >>

CSS - Your sense of style

Global site updates will be simpler when you can make all your changes in one place to update the entire site. It's much better than going through page after page of HTML code. For example, say you have a site made in Times New Roman font and your customer calls you up and tells you he wants Verdana.. more >>

Using audio on your website

Audio also can be a powerful way to attract site visitors and keep them coming back. It's considered "sticky," meaning visitors will come to listen to your audio and stay around a while. Audio players are plentiful and best of all they're usually free to download. more >>

Building professional websites

Why will someone visit your site? What tasks should they be able to perform while they are on your site (e.g. ordering from you, getting news and info, downloading, etc.)? I want to help you make it fun and useful, make people want to visit. more >>

Perfect color scheme

Many Web page builders agonize unnecessarily over choosing a color scheme for their pages. In addition to the color choices themselves, the proportion of those colors is also critical to the overall look of the Web page. Fortunately, there is a very simple, foolproof way to create a perfectly harmonized and proportionate color palette. more >>

8 Rules of document design

The good news is that design basics are the same for most documents. To improve the design of all your organization's print communications, especially those you create electronically, look for these eight basic rules of effective design. more >>


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